Tuesday, July 20th, 2010...9:10 pm

Turisas – Rasputin

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With Sonisphere festival being just over a week away (literally cannot wait) I decided to carry out some Spotify research on the┬áline-up. Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Alice Cooper (We’re not worthy…. we’re not worthy!!!!), Pendulum and Motley Crue etc. should make for an awesome weekend but my research was solely based on the “randoms” and you don’t get much more random than Turisas. Not another Finnish folk metal band I hear you cry, I’m afraid so. Named after an ancient Finnish God of war Turisas have a unique sound, opting to play all of their solos on the electric violin, as opposed to traditional guitar solos. The song which has been selected for this weeks Tunesday is a cover of Boney M’s 70′s hit Rasputin, hope you enjoy.

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